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Authentic hospitality
3 and 4 star Hotel in Lido of Estensi

There is a technique to leisure, but no ones has taught it to us;
from our parents we learned to calculate that  which idleness makes us lose, not that which it allows us to gain. Today, we have to re-learn to relax. It is a job like any other; a vocation, even. ”

Paul Merand


Hotel Plaza

Viale dei Lecci , 41
Lido degli Estensi - Ferrara
Tel. +39.0533.327236
Fax +39.0533.329072
CF. 93042950381
P.IVA 01426820385

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Hotel La Pineta

Viale dei Lecci , 2
Lido degli Estensi - Ferrara
Tel. +39.0533.327956
Fax +39.0533.328000
CF. 00964060297
P.IVA 00964060297

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Hotel Plaza
Holiday and wellness, Lido degli Estensi

The Hotel Plaza is the right choice for singles, couples, families with young children, groups and for business needs. It is situated only a few metres from sea, in an area renowned for its beauty and warm welcome. It can also boast a privare car park, two swimming pools, a whirpool bath, gym, games room for kids, garden, wi-fi, two refreshment areas, a restaurant and a well-equipped confrence hall.