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Authentic hospitality
3 and 4 star Hotel in Lido of Estensi

There is a technique to leisure, but no ones has taught it to us;
from our parents we learned to calculate that  which idleness makes us lose, not that which it allows us to gain. Today, we have to re-learn to relax. It is a job like any other; a vocation, even. ”

Paul Merand


Hotel Plaza

Viale dei Lecci , 41
Lido degli Estensi - Ferrara
Tel. +39.0533.327236
Fax +39.0533.329072
CF. 93042950381
P.IVA 01426820385

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Hotel La Pineta

Viale dei Lecci , 2
Lido degli Estensi - Ferrara
Tel. +39.0533.327956
Fax +39.0533.328000
CF. 00964060297
P.IVA 00964060297

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