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  1. Lidi di Comacchio<br/><em>on your doorstep</em>
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Lidi di Comacchio
on your doorstep

You don't need much to relax on the immense beaches or take a dip in the water at the Lidi di Comacchio.
At a short distance from any of the most important cities of Central or North Italy you can reach the Adriatic shore: its well-equipped establishments, the hundreds of bars and restaurants, its exclusive facilities, traditional or imaginatively new, the sea and the fascinating environment in which it is set, all make the Lidi certainly the ideal place for a holiday with the family or friends, but they are also perfect for a weekend of relaxation in the name of convenience, to lounge in the sun or party in our diverting Lido nightlife.


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  1. Lido degli Estensi
    all things you can do..

    Lido degli Estensi lies within the Po Delta Natural Park. It is a small paradise with buildings of architectural interest, natural landscapes and archeological areas of great importance.
    Our beaches are among Italy's most spacious and allow a degree of comfort unknown elsewhere: the substantial distance between yhe umbrellas lets our guests experience the sea calmy, without fear of being disturbed by - or of causing annoyance to - the neighbours.


Hotel Plaza

Viale dei Lecci , 41
Lido degli Estensi - Ferrara
Tel. +39.0533.327236
Fax +39.0533.329072
CF. 93042950381
P.IVA 01426820385

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Hotel La Pineta

Viale dei Lecci , 2
Lido degli Estensi - Ferrara
Tel. +39.0533.327956
Fax +39.0533.328000
CF. 00964060297
P.IVA 00964060297

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