The Po Delta natural park

An extraordinary land, born from the magical encounter of the earth and water

  • The Po Delta park

    an extraordinary territory

    The Po Delta Park is an extraordinary land, born of the magical meeting between earth and water: water from river, canal, lagoon, sea; water that remains and water that is there no longer, mouved with effort and carryed away over centuries of stubborn work and the obstinate and headstrong hope for a healthy and harmonius land where it is possible to live of the land and its fruits.

    An enormous Delta, one of the most important wetland zones in Europe, it brings together elements of biodiversity that make it a paradise for naturalists, biologists, scientists, tourists and birdwatchers: ten of thousends of animal and plants species, a jubilation of colours and sounds, silences and atmospheres difficult to explain, a perfect frame for the spectacle of Nature.

    A great green area surrounded by century-old woodlands, pinewoods and nature reserves that alternate with inspiring architectural evidence, the heritage of the splendid Estense rule.
    A journey in the Delta Park is a journey through everything that represents the nature and the culture of the Ferrarese people, a voyage through earth and water.

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